Better use of antibiotics

Antibiotics are among our most important medicines, and almost 90 % of antibiotics used in Norway are prescribed in primary care. We know that excessive use of antibiotics will lead to higher occurance of antibiotic resistance. Unnecessary use of broad spectrum antibiotics when narrow spectrum antibiotics will also contribute to the development of antibiotic resistance.

The purpose of this campaign was to give general practitioners an update on recommendations on the use of antibiotics for the most common infections in primary care, mainly respiratory tract infections since 60 % of antibiotics in primary care are used for RTIs. Many RTIs are self-limiting and/or are caused by virus. So most RTIs are best treated without antibiotics, and when an antibiotic is necessary, a narrow spectrum one will often be sufficient.

This KUPP campaign was one of the measures in the Norwegian governments  plan against antibiotic resistance that was launched in January 2016.

1761 general practitioners received visits with this campaign.